Speaking Topics

EncounteredbyLove (1)

Women Who Encountered the Love of Jesus

The Samaritan Woman – The Woman With the Issue of Blood 

The Adulteress – The Anointing Sinner

Encountered by Hope

Women in the Lineage of Christ

Tamar  – Rahab – Ruth – Bathsheba – Mary

Treasuresof Mary's Heart

We look into the deep well of  Treasures within  Mary’s Heart

The only woman who walked with Jesus through

His Life, Death & Resurrection

This topic works beautifully with Advent, Lent  and Mother’s Day

Her Song

We take a look into the lives and the songs of four spectacular women

Miriam – Deborah – Hannah – Mary

Living (3)

A One-Day Conference Event where we will dig deep into four Women of the Bible

Who Lived Brave for God  and we’ll discover how we can Live Brave too

Deborah – Hannah – Esther – Mary  


In a time when women were barely seen or heard these four Radical Women gave there all to spread the Good News of Jesus, through words and great acts of kindness

Dorcus – Priscilla – Lydia – Phoebe 

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